Best Reusable Color Piano Key Note Keyboard Stickers for Adults & Children’s Lessons, FREE E-BOOK, Great for Beginners Sheet Music Books, Recommended by Teachers to Learn to Play Keys & Notes Faster

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Product Description

We Believe Learning to Play the Piano Should Fun

Our company was founded with the premise that learning to play the piano should engage as many parts of the brain as possible. With our innovative color-coded piano key stickers, it makes learning the notes on the piano much more simple, memorable, and interactive. You’ll be able to keep those piano notes retained in remembrance for years to come.

Imagine the Feeling You’ll Get Learning to Master the Piano

The benefits to learning to play the piano are both impressive and eye-opening. Playing the piano is a great way to reduce anxiety and depression, improve your physical health, open up a creative outlet, improve your memory, and impress your future in-laws. But nothing beats the enjoyment you’ll get from feeling the accomplishment of learning to read and play music.

Speed Up the Learning Curve

With our Recital Ready piano and keyboard stickers, you can quickly and easily learn the name of the notes, where they are on the keyboard, and what they sound like. Now there’s no excuse to quit with our color-coded vinyl piano stickers. They will help speed up the learning process to give both kids and adults success, faster.

Safe Material for Expensive Pianos and Keyboards

Our premium Recital Ready stickers are made of vinyl, and are safe enough for baby grand pianos. They will not damage or scratch the piano keys, and they won’t leave any harmful residue on the piano. They vinyl material will “stick” to your piano’s keys by making a suction cup attraction. It only takes 10 minutes to put them on your piano. The powerful suction-cup hold will keep your stickers on for as long as you want to keep them there. And then when you want to take them off, they come off clean, easy, and in seconds.

Simple to Put On and Take Off Your Piano

You get to be in the driver’s seat with how you want to use our Recital Ready Piano stickers. You can choose how many you want to put on your keyboard, how long you want to keep them there, and the exact position you want to place them. Our reusable stickers are very easy to take off and put on to find the perfect placement on your keyboard.

Step 1: Make sure your piano or keyboard is clean and free of any dust or grime. Now you are ready to place stickers on the keyboard.

Step 2: Starting with Middle C, place the Treble Clef C on the keyboard. Place sticker on the center of the key, and then press and smooth down for 10 seconds. You will see and feel a secure hold between the sticker and the key. Then, continue with the rest of the Treble Clef notes.

Step 3: Find the Bass Clef B Note on the piano, and then place the sticker on the center of the key. Press and smooth down sticker for 10 seconds. Then, continue down the rest of the Treble Clef notes with A, G, F, and so on.

♬ FIND JOY IN PRACTICING as you quickly learn to read and play music on your piano and keyboard! Learning a new skill builds confidence, and opens up a world of possibilities and delight! Plus it makes learning in other areas easier too!
♫ NO EXCUSE TO QUIT PLAYING because, “It’s too hard…” Beginners of all ages can easily learn to play the piano, without the feeling of discouragement from slow improvement. You’ll feel empowered to keep playing as you see your fast progress!
♬ RECOMMENDED BY PIANO TEACHERS for kids and adult students to read and recognize musical notes while playing the piano, to increase memorization skills needed for successful learning.
♫ GET RECITAL READY and shorten the learning curve to playing your favorite songs on the piano! Make memorizing notes fun and easy with our effective Piano and Keyboard Stickers!

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