Dedicated to 88/61/54/49 keys,Children’s piano key stickers, Colorful Large Bold Letter Piano Stickers,Transparent Removable,With cleaning cloth Mounting Stick,Piano keyboard stickers for beginners

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Learning piano has never been so easy! The removable piano keyboard notes guide are designed by experienced musicians, it is a good teaching tool for piano teachers, and a good helper for kids and beginners.

White key sticker (length x width): 40.0mmX15.5mm | 1.57”X0.61”

Black key sticker (length x width): 40mmmX7mm |1.54”X0.28”


1. Wash hands and clean the keyboard before pasting kids piano stickers.

2. Confirm how many keys your piano has, usually 49/54/61/88 keys.

3. There is a unique number printed besides each piano key letter. According to the number sequence of the installation manual, from the keyboard left to right, paste the stickers corresponding to the numbers.

4. Piano key sticker can be pasted several times, if first time it pasted not properly, you can tear it off and paste it again.
Paste the keyboard stickers according to the following order for different piano models:

88 keys piano:
Black keys(1-36)
White keys(1-52)

61 keys piano:
Black keys(7-31)
White keys(10-45)

54 keys piano:
Black keys(7-28)
White keys(10-41)

49 keys piano:
Black keys(7-26)
White keys(10-38)


Piano keyboard stickers
Cleaning cloth

Printing Technology:

The piano stickers are printed underneath the top layer to prevent ink from fading, so they are always clear to read. And you can wipe them with our cleaning cloth when it gets dirty.

Easy to Install: Comes with a placement user guide with easy instructions and application,Piano labels Before using the sticker,you can use the wipe cloth to wipe piano keys, which will makes keys clean and notes clearer, then use the mini installation stick,stick to help you install them within minutes.
Durable:The letters are printed on the backside of the transparent sticker, so they can withstand constant impact of fingers, will be always legible and never fade. Waterproof, when the surface is dirty, simply wipe it with a damp cloth to clean.
Design: The letters on the piano stickers are 20% bigger than regular ones. They can be seen more clearly by kids.The piano stickers are 50% thinner than regular ones. You nearly can not feel the existence of them,when you play the piano
After Sales:Free replacement or full refund provided if you are not 100% satisfied. Please contact us if you have any concern with your order,Our team will handle it for you within 24 hours。

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