Guitar for Beginners: How to Play Your First Song In 7 Days Even If You’ve Never Picked Up A Guitar

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It Took Me 3 Months to Play My First Song – But You’ll Be Doing That in Less Than A Week.

It wasn’t because I was slow or bad at guitar.

Neither was it because I practiced less.

I was simply misguided – like every other person to ever pick up the guitar!

I took the “traditional” method of learning where you learn all the chords and all the theory behind it before you get to the fun part. This also involves months of practice and learning boring theory.

This book is here to end that – to simplify things – to make things so simple that you’ll be playing your first melody on day 1 and your first song within 7 days.

How can this book do that?

You would have heard people say – “You need to learn theory to be a real guitarist”



Not everyone needs to know theory – why do you need to learn all the boring theory if it’s of no use to you? Why is this forced upon all guitarists?

This book cuts out all the cr*p and gives you a streamlined process of mastering guitar.

Even if you failed every exam at school and you have never picked up a single instrument in your life, you will be able to become a proficient guitar player without years and years of expensive guitar lessons.

With the right strategy, you will get addicted to your guitar and the songs you are able to play.

How long will I have to practice?

Now, I know you have other commitments in life and cannot spend 25 hours a day practicing guitar. No one wants to do that.

This book has been designed with exactly that in mind. It will give you goals for each of your 7 days with step by step instructions on what to play each day.

You won’t have to worry if you’re practicing too less or too much – the book will tell you what you need to be accomplishing each day.

Commit a few hours a day for 7 days and you’ll make your friends and family jealous when you pull your guitar out.

It doesn’t matter if you just enter primary school or you are about to retire. This calculation applies to all 6.8 billion people between 6 and 80 years of age in this world.

In Guitar for Beginners, you’ll discover:

  • A practical day-by-day guide to own yourself and your guitar in less than 7 days
  • How you be your guitar teacher and progress into the league of the big players
  • The chords that will allow you to play your favorite songs
  • A beyond beginners’ guide to prepare you for your musical journey
  • Free audio tracks to help you with the charts
  • Real photos to make sure you are not making any mistakes as you go

And much more.

Many people buy a guitar and just look up their favorite songs on Youtube tutorials.

Unfortunately, one of the most frustrating things about learning to play guitar is ironing out old mistakes. Don’t skip the basics and pick up bad habits that will become almost impossible to break later.

If you want to throw out your air guitar and impress everyone with your guitar skills, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

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