SEAAN Steel Tongue Drum 12 Inch 13 Notes Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Instrument Handpan Drum with Bag, Music Book, Mallets, Finger Picks

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For Various Uses and Methods of Enjoying

Tongue voice is very ethereal, and can emit pure, soothing notes. it is used in music education, spiritual healing and yoga meditation. What’s more, It is pretty helpful for calming down people’s emotions.

Playing with mallets: When using mallets, hold the mallet lightly and let it drop and bounce off the note. This creates the ideal tone. The sound under the mallets will be more penetrating, purer and more ethereal. Holding the mallet 1/3 and tapping the middle of tongue head, you will get the prefect sound. If some “noise” comes out when you playing it, it is mostly caused by tapping incorrect location.

Playing with hands: Like all musical instruments, it takes practice to learn. To achieve the hand playing technique, use the pad of only one finger to strike the note. Use a wrist motion to slap the finger off of the note. Start learning on the largest notes and then once you have good technique, move to practicing on the smaller notes.

Stainless Steel Tongue Drum


Key Features

Steel-Titanium Alloy Material

Made of Steel-Titanium Alloy, strictly hand-tuned and precisely hand-cut, it can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound. Protective lacquer finish guards against tarnishing, scuffs, and scratches.

C Major 13 Notes

Our 13 notes hand pan drum is handmade by professional craftsmen. A total of 13 tones consisting of pentatonic scales, with a large number of musical scores, even beginners can play extremely pleasant music by the score.

Upgrading Perfect Sound

After the paint is formed, the second tuning is performed, and the intonation pitch is plus or minus five, so the tone is smoother and more pleasant, the volume is louder, and the tonality is more accurate


The tone of steel tongue drum is ethereal and melodious, it can make people forget their troubles

In traditional Chinese medicine psychology, music can infect moods and affect the body. In listening, let tunes, emotions, and visceral resonance interact to achieve the function of turbulent blood, smooth spirit and heart pulse. Physiologically, when music vibration and physiological vibrations in the human body (heart rate, heart rhythm, breathing, blood pressure, pulse, etc.) ) When they coincide, there will be physiological resonance and resonance, which is the physical and mental foundation of “five-tone therapy.”

Tongue voice is very ethereal and can emit pure, soothing notes. Steel drum 13note is used in music education, spiritual healing, and yoga meditation. What’s more, 13 notes hand pan drum is pretty helpful for calming down people’s emotions

Best Manufactured Steel Drum







Package Included

1 x 12 inch steel tongue drum1 x storage bag2 x drum mallet1 x textbook3kg 12inch(31cm)

Touch The Soul’s Music

Stainless Steel tongue drum is handmade by professional craftsmen.Perfectly upgraded 13-tone lotus drum, the sound is more ethereal.It has a total of 13 sounds in C major. It has a total of 13 sounds in C major. This makes it has a wider range of sounds and can play more musics as you need.Stainless Steel

Methods of Enjoying your music

It can be played by hand or mallets.Playing it with hands demands higher standards of hands’ power and more accurate tapping position, therefore using mallets is your first choice(especially for new). The sound under the mallets will be more penetrating, purer and more ethereal.


Steel-Titanium Alloy

Stainless Steel

Steel-Titanium Alloy

Standard Key

C Key

C Key

C Key

Drum Sounds








【widely used scenes】: steel tongue drum is a kind of art, which can be used not only for home decoration, but also for fetal education, children’s early education, yoga, dance and many other scenes. The music played is graceful and melodious, and the attention is easy to concentrate, which makes people consciously enter into a quiet state.
【wide range of tones】: there are 13 kinds of tones, which can be freely used by the player. With the textbook, you can enjoy the ocean of music.
【multiple playing methods】: you can play deep and soft sounds with drumsticks, or you can play other styles of sounds with your bare hands.
【full package】: A 12 inch 13 note steel tongue drum, a storage bag, two drumsticks, and a textbook of 83 music scores

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