VEXOOM Steel Tongue Drum – Yoga Accessories – Calm Drum – Spiritual Gifts – Tongue Drum 6 Inches 8 Notes

Price: $56.99 - $52.97
(as of Nov 20,2020 11:29:02 UTC – Details)

ARE YOU A YOGA LOVER? These Yoga Accessories bring the mind in that place of serenity and peace. You just instantly touch it a few times to create a beautiful moment. Unique meditation tools. A really calm drum. First, it’ll catch your eye. Then, it’ll steal your heart.
QUIET THE MIND AND THE SOUL WILL SPEAK! Playing at a hang drum is a complex experience because forces you to process multiple senses at once. Music reaches parts of the brain that other things can’t. It stimulates the brain in a very powerful way. This tongue drum does something unique. Music is a language, and the more “words” you learn the more you will be able to say.
NEVER PLAYED BEFORE? What makes this alloy steel tongue drum so special is that you can’t hit a wrong note and there is nor right or wrong way of playing with. It has been crafted for people who want to create beautiful sounds and intuitively express themselves without having to learn any particular music lessons.
THESE SPIRITUAL GIFTS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! – Probably one of the most sublime sounds that you have ever heard and perhaps one of the most incredible simple instruments that you can play with and master. You will experience infinite creative potential with our steel drum. Learning a musical instrument boosts language and reading skills in children too.

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