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  • Istanbul Agop 18” Crash Cymbal, Cindy Blackman OM Series

    The Istanbul Agop 18'' Crash Cymbal is part of the Cindy Blackman OM series and features a paper thin B20 bronze cast construction, with hand hammering and high quality lathing. Delivering great crash sounds with explosive attack and quick decay.
  • Istanbul Agop Signature 16” Crash Cymbal

    The Istanbul Agop Signature 16'' Crash is part of a cymbal series developed according to a lifetime of notes and ideas from master cymbalsmith Agop Tomurcuk. This 16'' Crash features a paper-thin design, offering a dark, dry and low pitch which complements a range of styles and genres. The cymbals are handcrafted in Turkey by Istanbul's professional cymbal makers using high-quality B20 bronze which is complemented by a stunning natural finish. Revisiting the renowned cymbals of the past, the Istanbul Agop Signature 16'' Crash combines classic construction techniques with the reliability and tonal excellence of present-day Istanbul Agop cymbals.
  • Istanbul Agop 14″ Xist iON Hi-Hat Cymbals, Pair

    Istanbul Agop 14" Xist iON Hi-Hat Cymbals offer musicians a versatile tone and style. The cymbal has a naturally clear, defined sound due to the lathed surface. The 14’’ diameter is ideal for combining crisp closed beats with more washy open techniques. Because of the patterned holes across the surface, these Xist cymbals have a more controlled resonance and versatile tone. This is ideal for musicians requiring a charismatic sound with outstanding playability.
  • Istanbul Agop Xist 19” Crash Cymbal, Brilliant Finish

    The Istanbul Agop Xist 19" Brilliant Crash has a papery attack, brighter sound and a medium decay.
  • Istanbul Agop Xist 10” Splash Cymbal, Brilliant Finish

    The Istanbul Agop XIST cymbals have a musical and modern sound. They provide clear, articulate sticking and a dark, warm crash with moderate overtones.