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  • WHD Round Cajon

    The WHD Round Cajon is a unique instrument, that provides a versatile rhythmic backing. The included snare wire offers essential treble and snap. Whilst the large, round hollow body gives a booming resonance that is great for playing in ensembles.
  • Gon Bops Alex Acuna Signature Bongo 7″ & 8.5″, Natural Lacquer

    Crafted from select North American Ash, Alex Acuna Signature Bongos offer exceptional warmth, clarity and versatility. Tight-profile hardware means they are easier on the knees when played traditionally. Classic Gon Bops teardrop crown hoops add legendary quality and feel, while smart, traditional welded bottom ring eliminates cup washers for extended tuning range.
  • Meinl Percussion Free Ride Series Woodcraft Bongos Antique Mahogany

    The MEINL Woodcraft Bongos, just as the Woodcraft Congas, stand for tradition combined with exceptional workmanship.
  • Pearl Elite Fiberglass Bongos, Bistre Black

    Pearl has bongos for every application. The Elite Series offers the highest quality heads with polished Contour Crowns and a choice of shell materials. A superb addition to your percussion section.
  • Natal Classic Series Fibreglass Bongo, White

    The Natal Classic series revisits the original fibreglass designs that led to Natal becoming hugely popular throughout the '60s and '70s. So faithful is the process of manufacturing the Classic Tumbas, Congas, Quintos and Bongos, that it uses the original shell moulds and original badge design. All models come complete with steel 'Comfort Hoop' rims, heavy-duty tuning bolts and hand lapped heads.
  • Meinl Percussion Headliner Wood Bongos Wine Red Burst

    Meinl Percussion Headliner Wood Bongos, Wine Red Burst:MEINL Headliner Series Bongos are perfect for the student or hobbyist who is looking for a high quality instrument right from the beginning.Click on the link below to view an introductory video to the Meinl Percussion Headliner Wood Bongos:
  • Deluxe Bongo 7″ + 8.5″ Set

    The Deluxe Bongos 7" + 8.5" Set by Gear4music is a pair of great sounding, hand constructed deluxe Bongos. These Bongos are produced to an exceptionally high standard, with natural skins and adjustable tension. The deluxe bongos by Gear4music also features unique gold hardware and a stunning gloss black sparkle finish. The basswood body offers a durable construction as well as producing the versatile tones that are much needed for bongo playing.
  • Nino by Meinl NINO17B-BK ABS Bongo Plus, Blue

    A real alternative! The NINO® ABS Bongo Plus is an affordable bongo with a great sound and functional hardware. Shells made of ABS plastic make this bongo lighter than comparable wood models.
  • Natal Fuego Natural Wood Bongos, Chrome Hardware, Red

    Traditionally hand crafted Siam Oak shells and natural hide heads produce a warm, rounded and full bodied tone, while the chrome-plated 'Comfort Hoop' rims and hardware provide superior strength and elegant styling, together with improved playing technique due to this innovative design.
  • WHD Travel Bongo Cajon, Ebony-Burl

    This really portable bongo cajon by Gear4music is ideal for percussionists on the go. Featuring a slim body with slim sound holes, this instrument can be played on the lap. The cajon features a sound similar to a bongo, suitable for a higher pitched and cutting percussive tones. The cajon features all the diverse sounds you would expect from a standard instrument, including low bass noises and cutting high tones around the edge. The beech plywood body and ebony top look great, and give perfect resonance and tone.
  • Mini Bongo Set

    Pair of great sounding, hand constructed Bongos. These Bongos are produced to a high standard, with natural skins and adjustable tension. The plastic construction is durable making these great fun for kids and teaching rhythm in an education setting! The natural skin heads produce the versatile tones needed for bongo playing - from muffled slaps to taps.