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  • Ortega OPC-XXL Microfiber Polishing Cloth, Yellow

    The Ortega OPC-XXL Microfiber Cloth is used to polish your instrument to restore its shine. The cloth’s microfiber texture picks up underlying dirt, dust and grease from your instrument, leaving it with a clean surface. The large size gives you’re a greater surface contact, providing all-round more convenience. The cloth’s yellow colour shows dirt for easy cleaning.
  • Planet Waves Micro-Fibre Polish Cloth

    Planet Waves Micro-Fibre Polishing Cloth is a long lasting cleaning cloth for all instruments that can be used with or without polishes. Planet Waves Micro-Fibre Cloths traps particles deep inside its fibres which are 2000 times finer than a human hair. This eliminates the need for harsh cleansers. Planet Waves Micro-Fibre cloths last considerably longer than ordinary cloths, and can be washed multiple times for lasting, repeatable performance you can rely on.
  • Alice Piano Polish, 200ml

    Alice Piano Polish, 200ml - This professional formulation will polish and care for the finish of your piano and is suitable for both digital and acoustic pianos. Also includes a piano polishing cloth for easy application and assisting you in wiping away dust and grime.
  • Instrument Polishing Cloth

    Instrument Polishing Cloth - a Soft lint free cotton flannel glove. Non-treated material. Perfect for applying lemon oil, polish and string cleaner.