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  • Chauvet Wireless Fog Remote

    The Chauvet Wireless Fog Remote can simultaneously activate up to four Chauvet fog machines. It receives power from the fog machine and eliminates the need for extra cables. The wireless remote is very easy to use with simple operation due to the 2 LED indicator lights.
  • Acme CA-8 Hand Controller

    A compact handheld, simple controller that's great for small light shows and can be used with most Acme fixtures which offer external control.

    The ADJ LED RC2 is a wireless lighting controller which offers a simple and effective interface to let you focus on your performance. With LED control over red, green, blue, amber, and white colours, you can easily switch between different atmospheres and scenes from the touch of a button. For any task, complex or simple, the LED RC2 remote will provide a hassle-free operation. Control is also available for sound sensitivity and program speed with just a simple click, to allow for the most efficient control over your performance using minimal controllers. With control over lights up to 15ft (4.5m) away, the ADJ LED RC2 is perfect for smaller venues with less lighting. Add the LED RC2 to your setup to vastly increase your creativity during your shows.
  • Chauvet Infrared Remote Control 6

    The Chauvet Infrared Remote Control 6 is not only easy to use, but also compatible with all IRC lighting fixtures. It allows you to wirelessly select colour, strobe lights and pre-programmed light shows. The colour coded press pads provide easy recognition and operation. This compact remote provides you with instant access from an approximate range of 30 feet (9 m).
  • Cameo Flat Par Can Infrared Remote Control

    The Cameo Flat Par Can Infrared Remote Control is a high quality convenient infrared controller for Cameo's Flat Par Can products. It works with all standalone modes of the lights in question, whilst being lightweight and compact. This efficient control option comes with a CR2025 battery, making it ready for use straight away.
  • ADJ Dotz TPAR System RF Remote

    The ADJ Dotz TPAR System RF Remote is a wireless controller for use with ADJ TPAR systems, providing convenient control over functions such as fades, colours, modes, and more. With an ergonomic design to fit perfectly in your hand, the TPAR System RF Remote is the perfect control solution to your ADJ lighting set-up.
  • ADJ Dotz Par RF Remote

    The ADJ Dotz Par RF Remote is a versatile accessory that is compatible with many ADJ products.
  • ADJ UC-IR Infrared Remote Control

    The ADJ UC-IR Infrared Remote Control is a must-have accessory for any ADJ stage lighting fixture or effect. The ADJ UC-IR Infrared Remote Control provides you with complete control over the dimmer, blackout, gobos, colours, shows, programmes, speed and sound active modes.