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  • Bach 7C Trombone Mouthpiece, Small Shank

    A combination of a great tone and a rounded rim shape make the Bach 7C a great mouthpiece for performers who play on a very frequent basis.  
  • Bach 3 Flugel Horn Mouthpiece, Silver

    The Bach 3 Mouthpiece is designed for performers who require a mellow and dark tone from their Flugel Horn. Its deep cup gives full tone along with a mellow timbre which suits the characteristics of the instrument.  
  • Bach 11 French Horn Mouthpiece, Silver

    Bach's best selling French Horn Mouthpiece offers great tone as well as versatility and flexibility. All this can be done without fatigue due to the medium-wide rim shape, which offers more protection to the lips rather than the standard narrow French Horn rim.
  • pBone 11C Trombone Mouthpiece, Black

    The pBone 11C Trombone Mouthpiece in Black is a small shank plastic trombone mouthpiece from the inventors of the highly popular plastic pBone. Available in a multitude of different colours, these mouthpieces either act as a fantastic replacement for the pBone mouthpiece or act as an all-weather and cheap alternative to a performer's metal mouthpiece.  
  • playLITE Plastic Trumpet Mouthpiece

    The playLITE plastic trumpet mouthpiece is ideal for all brass and plastic trumpets. Featuring a white plastic design, this mouthpiece is well rounded, designed for Students and Professionals alike. The plastic material makes it particularly suitable for outdoor playing if conditions are cold.