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  • Sennheiser e865S Condenser Microphone with Switch

    The Sennheiser e865S is a fully professional super-cardioid vocal microphone that achieves new standard of quality and sound by utilizing the very best in condenser microphone technology. The e865S is highly sensitive and captures every tone in great detail, whether its quiet or loud, far away or right up close, the highly sensitive membrane picks up the finest vocal nuances and transmits even extreme dynamics into the signal chain with ease. Also featuring a convenient noiseless on and off switch, providing you with greater control over your performance.
  • Rode NT1-A Vocal Recording Pack With Mic Stand

    The Rode NT1-A Vocal Recording Pack With sE RF-X Reflexion Filter, Stand is the ultimate bundle for capturing studio-grade vocal recordings. The NTA-1 Vocal Recording Pack is comprised of the premium-grade Rode NT1-A condenser microphone, and a range of accessories including shock mount, pop shield, 20-foot cable and a dust cover for protecting your microphone when not in use. The NT1-A features a large-diaphragm and a 1-inch capsule with a cardoid polar pattern. The low-noise level makes it one of the quietest microphones on the market, ensuring optimal audio fidelity and performance. The bundle also comes complete with a boom microphone stand, providing an adjustable stand to mount your NT1-A mic on.
  • MXL V67G-HE Heritage Edition Condenser Microphone

    The MXL V67G-HE Heritage Edition Condenser Microphone is designed mainly for vocal use delivering a premium quality vocal sound that cuts through even the busiest of mixes. The V67G-HE incoporates Class A FET Circuitry and a transformer-couple output to bring an pure, precise sound quality to the output. It's rich midrange gives this microphone a 'tube-like' quality that lets vocals penetrate above the rest of the instrumentation, delivering a powerful vocal performance.
  • MXL 990/991 Recording Microphone Package

    The MXL 990/MXL 991 Recording Mic Package is your one-stop mic kit for vocals, drum overheads, acoustic guitars, and more! Two studio condenser microphones are included. The 990 offers a silky, sweet high end and a tight solid bass, perfect for recording vocals; and the 991 is a superior instrument microphone designed for recording acoustic guitar and drum overheads.
  • MXL 440 Versatile Studio Condenser Microphone

    The MXL 440 is a beautiful studio condenser microphone designed to complement a wide variety of vocal and instrument applications. By combining a FET preamp with an electrically-balanced output, the MXL 440 delivers an uncompromised tonal quality perfect for all studio applications.
  • Rode M3 Condenser Microphone, Black

    Studio and Location Multi Powered Condenser Microphone. The M3 is an extremely versatile microphone that is at home in the studio, on location, or wherever a low-noise wide-response cardioid condenser microphone is demanded.
  • Tie Studio USB Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic

    The Tie Studio USB Condenser Mic is a premium-quality, large diaphragm condenser microphone featuring a built-in USB port. This studio-grade condenser microphone is designed for the digital musician, allowing you to directly connect your microphone to your computer. The microphone is also class compliant which means you don't need to download any additional driver. The USB Condenser Mic features Phantom Power as well as a selectable pickup pattern (Cardioid or 8) for the best possible audio quality. Additionally the microphone comes complete with a spider cradle and a USB port.
  • SubZero SZC-500-USB Condenser Microphone

    A high quality plug and play large diaphragm condenser USB mic, with a wide frequency response, finished in an attractive blue and chrome case. The SZC-500-USB also includes a high quality stand mount cradle and USB cable. Offering great sound reproduction at a stunning price, this SubZero mic is ideal for home recording, podcasts, internet radio and home demos.
  • MC1 Condenser Microphone

    The MC1 Condenser Microphone by Gear4music is a high quality microphone that is ideal for vocals and spoken word. The unidirectional cardioid pattern from the condenser capsule, makes this an ideal choice for vocal recordings that require exceptional detail, such as live performance, music recording, broadcasting, podcasting and many other studio applications. Please note, a 48V phantom power adapter is required.