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  • SubZero SZ-IEM In Ear Monitors

    SubZero SZ-IEM In Ear Monitors offer a detailed and professional in ear monitoring experience. Ideal for use on stage with wireless monitoring systems, these headphones are also perfect for everyday use with your mp3 player or other audio devices. With a selection of tips and a weightless cable included, you are provided with an affordable and comfortable monitoring solution.
  • Beyerdynamic DTX 11 iE In Ear Headphones, Sporty Green

    The Beyerdynamic DTX 11 iE in Sporty green are a very natural-sounding in-ear headphone, small, light and practical. Ideal for mobile applications. As a decorative companion for travelling or when playing sports, it features a cable divider in the form of a button, which can also be attached to clothing.
  • Beyerdynamic DTX 100 In Ear Replacement Earpads

    A replacement set of in ear Earpads for DTX100, DTX71, DTX101, MMX100 & MMX101 headphones.  
  • SoundLAB Bulk Stereo Earphones

    The SoundLAB Bulk Stereo Earphones offer a cost efficient alternative that produce good sound quality, a lightweight in-ear design and a 3.5 mm jack output that fits devices with the relative socket fitted.
  • SoundLab Lightweight Stereo In-Earphones

    The SoundLab Lightweight Stereo In-Earphones are ideal for use during differing weather types due to its water resistance. This is also makes it very well suited for use during sporting activity, along with the 3.5 mm stereo jack plug and extended bass response.
  • Behringer HPS5000 Headphones

    The Behringer HPS5000 Headphones are perfect for a range of applications, whether you're mixing a recording, monitoring a bass line or just enjoying your favourite MP3 track. The Behringer HPS5000 Headphones deliver an ultra-wide frequency response with high-definition bass responses and super-transient highs. Featuring highly-efficient cobalt capsules, optimised oval-shaped ear cups and a comfortable headband, the Behringer HPS5000 Headphones provide incredible high-resolution performance at an affordable price.
  • SubZero SZ-MH200 Monitoring Headphones

    The SubZero SZ-MH200 Monitoring Headphones have been specially designed for studio and recording situations. Offering high quality sound and a larger frequency range than most of their competitors, these headphones offer excellent value for money. With a 3m cable, an included 6.3mm adapter and a comfortable, non slip headband, these are perfect for all studio situations.
  • HP-170 Stereo Headphones

    The HP-170 Stereo Headphones by Gear4music can be used for a wide variety of audio applications, including instrument play, studio and live work or as general purpose headphones. These headphones have an adjustable headband and come with a mini jack connection and a 1/4" jack adapter to allow connection to a wide variety of equipment.