4 String Banjo


The 4 String Banjo by Gear4music is a high grade closed back style Banjo with a loud and resonant sound, perfect for Folk and Country. The 4 string Banjo features a mahogany body, a mahogany resonator, an aluminium shell, a Remo head and a poplar laminate fretboard, making it sound and play great. This 4 string banjo is ideal for all styles of country and folk.



Mahogany Body and Coveted Remo Skin

The Gear4music 5 String Banjo combines a Mahogany resonator and body with an aluminium shell, for an authentic folk and bluegrass sound with great volume and sustain

The featured Remo Head is famed for its performance as an effective skin among most popular banjos, ensuring our 4 string banjo is a reliable instrument with an excellent quality of sound.

Suited for folk and bluegrass playing, the Gear4music 4 String Banjo is commonly tuned as a tenor instrument to, C G D A. Whether learning finger picking or clawhammer style, the 4 string is the ideal first banjo or addition to any guitarists collection.

Easily Adjustable, With High Quality Components

The 4 string Banjo by Gear4music features an adjustable tailpiece, allowing the user to adjust the downward pressure on the bridge, which changes the volume and tone. The rich sound is complimented by a quality poplar laminate fingerboard, providing a comfortable playing surface. With Chrome hardware, gloss lacquered natural finish, and strap rings, this is the ideal banjo for any folk or bluegrass enthusiast.


  • Body: Mahogany
  • Resonator: Mahogany
  • Shell: Aluminium
  • Fingerboard: Poplar Laminate
  • Tailpiece: Chrome adjustable
  • Machine heads: Chrome
  • Strings: Steel Strung
  • Finish: Natural


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