DP-10X Digital Piano, White


The DP-10X is Gear4music’s newest addition to an extensive and affordable range of upright digital pianos, featuring upgraded multi-timbral voices and an improved control panel. For a truly authentic playing experience, the DP-10X is equipped with a weighted 88-key hammer action keyboard, three levels of touch sensitivity, as well as three expression pedals. With 24 voices, 55 demo songs, and 2 track recording, the DP-10X also offers a variety of great sounds and expressions. Presented in a white wooden cabinet, the DP-10X is also available in some great value packs that include headphones and piano bench.



Improved Multi-timbral Voices and Streamlined Configuration

The DP-10X features improved high-quality voices that are more authentic than ever before, lending itself to even the most discerning performer. The piano includes 24 voices, including a new multi-timbral grand piano sound that provides supreme realism and depth. The piano also hosts electric pianos, organs, strings and a range of pads and layers, which enable a full and diverse performance.

With an improved control panel using the simplified combination of a function button and data control wheel, selecting voices and effects is now fully configurable using the keyboard. Simply press the function button to enter edit mode and press the corresponding key for your chosen voice or function. To see a complete map of functions and settings accessible via the keyboard please click here.

Authentic Playing Experience

Featuring a full size keyboard of 88 hammer action keys with adjustable touch response, this piano has an authentic feel that is designed to mimic an acoustic piano mechanism but at an unprecedented price. Some digital pianos can quickly run out of notes during fast, dense, legato passages – sustained notes are cut off as the instrument drops notes to make room for new ones. The DP-10X has an ample 64 note polyphony, meaning you are able to play intricate passages without the worry of notes dropping in and out.

For authenticity, the DP-10X features the 3 pedals found on a traditional acoustic piano – Soft, Sostenuto and Sustain, great for advancing pianists looking for an instrument that can grant them full expression. Moreover, you are able to adjust the tuning, change octaves and transpose the whole instrument all at the touch of a button.

Versatile Functions and Effects

As well as having a great selection of voices, the DP-10X offers a variety of functions and effects to keep you inspired when practicing and composing. The layer mode means you are able to layer two voices on top of each other to create richer sounds and make your pieces truly unique. The split mode means you are able to play the bottom half of the keyboard in a different voice, perfect for a bluesy walking bass line in the left hand. Also featured are reverb and chorus effects, so you can create richer, thicker sounds as if you are in a concert hall!

The DP-10X is the ideal instrument for students, with a fully adjustable metronome and the ability to play along with any of the inbuilt songs in the left or right hand, at your own pace using the dedicated learning function. The piano is also a great tool for composers, with MIDI and USB to host capability and the ability to record up to two separate tracks that are stored internally and can be played back at anytime.

Advanced Connectivity and Powerful Stereo Sound

The DP-10X has 2x 15 watt speakers and a versatile connection panel featuring two headphone outputs and stereo RCA outputs. As well as this, the piano has an auxiliary input with volume control, so you are able to plug in and play music from your phone or sound system. The DP-10X also features a MIDI output, allowing you to connect to any MIDI device, and a USB audio connection for recording with a computer or DAW.

The DP-10X is also available in a great value stool pack or a complete pack that includes a wooden piano bench.



  • Height: 810mm
  • Width: 1380mm
  • Depth: 420mm
  • Weight: 44kg


  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Keytops: Synthetic Ebony and Ivory
  • Weight: Hammer Action Keys
  • Touch Response: Normal, Low, High, Fixed


  • Sound System: Sample Based Tone Generation
  • Default Voice: Grand Piano
  • Number of Voices: 24
  • Maximum Polyphony: 64
  • Voice Functions: Split Mode, Layer Mode, Twin Mode
  • Reverb: 0-127
  • Chorus: 0-127


  • Voice Demo Preset Songs: 55
  • Metronome: 12 Time Signatures, Variable Tempo
  • Other Functions: Octave, Transpose, Master Tuning, Learn Mode


  • Colour: White
  • Internal Memory: 2 Tracks
  • Headphones Hanger: Yes
  • Speaker Output: 2 x 15W
  • Pedals: 3
  • Power Supply: DC 12V
  • Inputs: AUX in
  • Outputs: 2x Headphone 1/4″ Jack, Stereo RCA
  • Connectivity: USB to Host, 5 Pin Midi


Standard Courier Delivery

When you add this product to your shopping basket, you will be provided with our standard courier delivery option. This will deliver the piano to the ground floor of your house or building. Please note that if there is not a ground floor entrance we may not be able to deliver there. You may also need to help the delivery driver as this product comes packaged in large boxes.

This may not be suitable if you are unable to help the driver if required, or if you need the piano delivering upstairs. Please consider whether this is the most appropriate delivery service for you, as other delivery options are available at an additional cost.

Delivery and Installation Service

This service can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis via a specialist piano delivery company. Delivery times cannot be guaranteed until we have made arrangements with the delivery company. If you would prefer a delivery and installation service, please contact our sales team on +1 (765) 371-9061 who will be happy to set up a quotation for you and provide you with more information on this service.


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