Electric Violin, White w/ Amp Pack


The 4/4 Size Electric Violin by Gear4music, White is a noiseless violin that is ideal for use with headphones and is feedback-free when used with an amplifier. Perfect for practice, this electronic violin is provided as a full outfit with a bow, rosin and case; ensuring you have everything you need to start playing straight away. When plugged in, the electric violin by Gear4music offers a resonant and prominent tone, with a sound that matches its acoustic counterparts. Featuring high grade components such as a maple neck and bridge and custom, under-bridge pickup, this violin provides a quality sound that will stand the test of time.



This Pack Includes:

  • 15w Acoustic Amplifier
  • Mono Minijack 3.5mm – 1/4inch Jack Cable, 3m
  • Shoulder Rest
  • Violin String Set
  • Music Stand
  • Hard Foam Case
  • Rosin
  • Full Size Bow
  • 4/4 Size Electric Violin by Gear4music

Uniquely Lightweight Build with a Striking Sound

The full size electric violin by playinst offers an exceptionally prominent and colourful tone that projects well when plugged in, making it ideal for beginners, buskers and violinists of all genres. With the same playability as an acoustic violin, this electronic version features a skeleton build that makes it an extremely lightweight and versatile instrument. The bodyless design ensures this electronic instrument is virtually noiseless when played acoustically, making it perfect for quiet practice with headphones and is free of feedback when plugged into loud systems.

High Quality Materials, Fittings and Components

The full Size Electric Violin by Gear4music is constructed of high quality materials, making sure this instrument is built to last, with a great sound that can improve over time. Mainly crafted from Paulownia, an extremely lightweight and soft wood, the body offers a sweet tonal quality that is complimented by a maple bridge, maple neck and ebonised birch fingerboard. Also featuring ebonised birch fittings; the chinrest, tuning pegs and tailpiece behave in a similar way to maple when being used a tone wood, that is known for its classic sound.

With a custom designed under-bridge pickup and 9V active preamp system, this violin also features volume and tone controls as well as a line out, headphone out and a mic in. The sensitivity of the pick up combined with adjustable tone carries this instrument from being almost inaudible to a stunningly resonant sound that you can enjoy with headphones. The versatile inputs and outputs makes this instrument perfect for silent practice at home, plugged into amplifiers and sound systems for performances and many more applications.

Easy and Accurate Tuning

The included steel core strings are ideal for beginners due to their quick response, stable pitch and long life. The strings’ coloured silk wrappings help students with identification and provide friction against the pegs. The strong, ebonised birch tailpiece is fitted with four integral tuners to aid students and performers in achieving accurate tuning quickly and easily.

Includes Bow and Case

This electric violin is supplied as full outfit, with a hardwood bow, hard case and rosin so the learner has everything they need to get started straight away. The included bow is reliable and easy to use. It’s crafted from hardwood – a favourite for bow construction because of its density and durability. The horsehair on the bow is ideal for many beginners as it can withstand the stresses of a student developing proper technique.

The included case is ideal for transporting the instrument to lessons and performances. This durable but lightweight case is a perfect fit for the violin providing protection when out and about and safe storage. It is finished with a tough canvas covering, with zip opening and straps plus a pocket for keeping sheet music and other accessories safe.



  • Body: Paulownia
  • Finish: White With Hand Sprayed Varnish
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Ebonised Birch
  • Tuning Pegs: Ebonised Birch
  • Chin rest: Ebonised Birch
  • Tailpiece: Ebonised Birch
  • End Pin: Nickel-Silver
  • Bridge: Maple
  • Fitted Strings: Steel


  • Pickup: Piezo strip transducer pickup fitted under bridge
  • Preamp: Active preamp with Volume and Tone controls
  • Line Out: 1/8″ Jack
  • Headphone Output: 1/8″ Jack
  • Aux In: 1/8″ Jack
  • Includes 9V battery

Included Accessories

  • Hard Foam Case
  • Brasilwood Violin Bow
  • Rosin


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