Istanbul Agop Xist 10” Splash Cymbal, Brilliant Finish


The Istanbul Agop XIST cymbals have a musical and modern sound. They provide clear, articulate sticking and a dark, warm crash with moderate overtones.

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By combining modern production techniques with traditional cymbal making processes, Istanbul cymbals are able to offer professional, cast B20 (80 Copper, 20 Tin) cymbals at a price that is accessible to drummers at any level.


Music Radar awarded these cymbals 4/5 in their review.

“The 10-inch splash delivers a regulation snap of brightness, choking back almost instantly. The two rides are thicker than the other cymbals and so feel substantial, especially the 24-inch model.”

“Both cymbals give a lively and clean response with plenty of top-end present – again probably due to the finish. This brightness translates into a strong stick sound, though some woodiness is also discernible.”


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