Junior 5 Piece Drum Kit


Ideal for younger players who aren’t quite ready for a full size kit, the Junior 5 Piece Drum Kit features everything junior drummers need to start playing the drums, including a drum stool, drumsticks and cymbals, perfect for young rockers!




Easy To Unpack Set-Up & Play

Packaged in one box, the Junior 5 Piece is easy to unpack set-up and play. It includes everything you need in a complete beginners drum kit, with three toms, a snare drum, bass drum, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, drum stool, bass drum pedal, pair of hi-hat cymbals, crash cymbal, a pair of sticks and a full set of drum heads.

Younger Brother To The BDK-1

New and improved hardware for 2013 means that the Junior 5 Piece is effectively a younger brother to our BDK-1, with many similar features to this full size kit. The reduced scale of the Junior 5 Piece is much more comfortable for children aged 5 to 10; and will enable them to learn correct drumming techniques without having to overstretch and struggle.

The toms are great for lively drum fills – and sturdy bass drum legs will support those early kick drum strikes. Beginner drum lessons involve plenty of snare drum exercises – and this kit has a fully adjustable snare with a clamp to make the basics as easy as possible.

The hi-hat cymbals will help beginners with tempo and groove, and you can be sure the free-standing crash cymbal will receive a fair amount of attention at the end of an energetic drum roll!

Finished with striking black rims, the Junior 5 Piece looks great – and is both easy and fun to play for younger children.


  • Snare Drum: 10″
  • Tom 1: 8″
  • Tom 2: 10″
  • Tom 3: 12″
  • Bass Drum: 16″
  • Cymbal: 12″
  • Hi Hats: 10″



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