pBone 11C Trombone Mouthpiece, Black


The pBone 11C Trombone Mouthpiece in Black is a small shank plastic trombone mouthpiece from the inventors of the highly popular plastic pBone. Available in a multitude of different colours, these mouthpieces either act as a fantastic replacement for the pBone mouthpiece or act as an all-weather and cheap alternative to a performer’s metal mouthpiece.




Plastic Mouthpiece

There are many benefits to a plastic mouthpiece. The main difference is that it doesn’t need to be warmed up. Whether you’re playing indoors at a concert or you’re playing outside in the depths of winter, your mouthpiece won’t get cold between pieces. Made from a durable plastic composite, these mouthpieces are very hard wearing and durable, meaning they will last for many years before you would need to replace it.


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