Pearl EXX 8×7 Add-On Tom Pack With TH70s & ADP-20, Smokey Chrome


The Pearl EXX Add-On Tom is the perfect addition to your Export kit. It is finished in Smokey Chrome and also includes a tom holder and multi clamp. The EXX tom puts sound first by blending premium poplar and rich Asian mahogany for an incredibly lush and full-bodied tone. It also features a 45° bearing edge, Opti-Loc tom mount, 1.6 mm triple flanged hoops and low mass lugs.

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Included Items:

  • 8″ x 7″ TomTom
  • TH70S Tom Holder
  • ADP-20 Multi Clamp

High Quality Performance

The Pearl EXX Export Series is the best selling drumset of all time and a name every drummer knows. The value and quality of the Export series has inspired thousands of musicians by providing solid shells, highly sophisticated hardware, lugs and mounting systems, all of which combine to deliver an amazing sound with fantastic build quality at an affordable price.

Superior Shell Technology

The EXX Export Series now incorporates Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology – SST, taking cues from the award-winning Reference Series, the new Export puts sound first by blending premium Poplar and rich Asian Mahogany for an incredibly lush and full-bodied tone. A sonically advanced recipe of strategically arranged piles of premium wood, chosen for their unique acoustic attributes, maximises the frequency response of every component. Formed using extreme heat, precision-cut scarf joints for a perfect air-tight fit, proprietary Acoustiglue and over 1000lbs of hydraulic pressure to create the ultimate acoustic air chamber.

Custom Lugs

The Export Series features specifically designed, sound enhancing lugs that further emphasises Pearl’s ”sound first” philosophy. Designed for minimal shell interaction, they have a small footprint and low-mass for maximum resonance and sustain. Their bold look is modern but with a nod to lugs from Pearl’s past.

Opti-Loc Mounting System

The Export Series rack toms are equipped with Pearl’s new Opti-Loc Mounting System that features a triangular design with two tension rod attachment points and another through one of the drum’s two air vents. Rubber isolators at all connection points allow the drums to vibrate freely for maximum sustain and resonance while providing absolute and wobble-free performance.


  • 45° bearing edge
  • Opti-Loc tom mount
  • 1.6 mm triple flanged hoops
  • Low mass lugs
  • Colour: Smoky chrome
  • Includes tom holder
  • Number of lugs per side: 6
  • Shell thickness: 7.5mm
  • Number of wood layers: 6


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