playLITE Hybrid Trumpet, Red + Music Stand & Mute


The playLITE hybrid trumpet pack by Gear4music in red and white is a lightweight alternative to the traditional brass trumpet. Featuring a ABS plastic body, this instrument only weighs 500g, making it ideal for younger performers as well as professionals looking for a lightweight alternative. The aluminium lined valves are fast acting and give a great feel. The playLITE trumpet remains authentic, featuring a traditionally shaped body that has a realistic tone with a clear projection. Included in this pack is the playLITE trumpet, a plastic mouthpiece, practice mute, drawstring carry bag and music stand.



Included in this pack:

  • playLITE Hybrid Trumpet by Gear4music, Red
    • Fabric Drawstring Carry Bag
    • Plastic Mouthpiece
  • playLITE Practice Trumpet Mute, Red
  • Mustic Stand by Gear4music, Black

Colourful and Lightweight ABS Body

This instrument not only plays brilliantly, but also looks great! Featuring a sleek red and white ABS body, this instrument only weighs 500g. This is ideal for younger performers who would otherwise struggle to hold a brass trumpet for prolonged periods of time, as well as advanced players who are searching for a lightweight instrument. The body of this instrument creates an authentic sound, comparable to that of a normal trumpet, meaning it can be easily used in ensembles as well as for individual performances.

Aluminium Valves and Adjustable Slides

The playLITE trumpet gets its hybrid title from its great feeling, fast action aluminium valves. The plastic moulded valve case has a moulded aluminium collar built in to provide a tight and precise seal, meaning no air leakage and a better projection. As a result, the instrument is very hard wearing and will withstand the rigours of continued use. The aluminium valves are also easy to maintain as this instrument can be lubricated with any standard brass valve oil used on conventional instruments. The already accurate intonation of this trumpet is aided further with fully adjustable valve slides, as well as a main slide for general tuning.

Complete Package

The playLITE trumpet practice mute pack comes as a complete package so that the performer can get playing straight away. Included is a plastic mouthpiece that is suited to all-round playing. The instrument also comes in a fabric drawstring carry bag, which can be carried over the shoulder with ease, as well as, a music stand and practice mute.

Unconventionally, the playLITE practice trumpet mute is made from a high quality plastic body. Nevertheless, this mute creates an authentic tone and has the same characteristics of metal practice mutes. The colourful stop is made of rubber, which secures the mute in both plastic and metal trumpets, making it suitable for all trumpet players.


playLITE Trumpet

  • Body Material: ABS Plastic
  • Valve Material: Aluminium
  • Bell Diameter: 130mm
  • Bore Diameter: 11mm
  • Valve Casing: Aluminium Lined Collar
  • Colour: Red With White Slides

playLITE Practice Mute

  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Stop Material: Rubber
  • Finish: Red and White
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Diameter at Bell: 90mm
  • Diameter at Stop: 30mm


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